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Welcome to Warner Safari

Introducing Warner Safari, the new face of our popular gator polo golf shirts and hats. We originally started our e-commerce store under the name, Golfing Gators, and we decided we were ready to outgrow the name beyond just gator-themed apparel focused toward golfers. Our brand began and continues to be a fundraising tool for charity, Gator Junior Golf, a 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Gainesville, Florida that teaches youth life skills through the game of golf. As the name suggests, the founding board of our nonprofit were graduates of the University of Florida. In fact, our founder, Sean Warner, started Gator Junior Golf while he was a student in UF's Masters of Accounting (MAcc) program.
Our original name, Golfing Gators, started out pretty simply as descriptive as the marque logo of Gator Junior Golf, which is a figure of a gator swinging a golf club also known as the swinging gator. We saw some great success from not just the local community but an exponentially larger response with sales across the country. To date, we've sold a polo or hat to nearly every state in the United States, with the exception of Alaska (yes - we've even sold a shirt to Hawaii!). This may not sound impressive for an online store until you realize we did this with just one product - our golfing gator polo; the evidence is clear - our supporters are nationwide!
With the emergence of new technology, we were able to rapidly bring new designs to market, and this is when we realized we could scale our vision beyond just gator-themed apparel. The name originates from the founder of Gator Junior Golf, Sean Warner, and his love for wild adventures as reflected in the designs and styles we produce. The focus is for our designs to deliver exceptional style and individual expression for our customers while maintaining the timeless art of subtlety. Not everyone wants to walk around looking like a billboard with a shirt company's logo all over the shirt or even large, gaudy images tiled all over the shirt Hawaii Shirt-style. Golf is a classy sport after all.
Our solution is where Wild Meets Refined. We deliver unique microprint designs on our polos that foster individual expression, but the icons are small enough that it appears just as a cool looking pattern from a few feet away. Our hats are highly customized down to the smallest detail, such as including a custom 3D icon on the velcro adjustment's rubber tab on the back of the hat. There's zero outside branding on our shirts as our promise to subtlety and class. The only icons or designs you'll see on the outside of the shirt is related to the design itself. For our gator designs, you'll find Florida prints and alligator icons down to the smallest detail in every design. You asked for classy and sexy custom prints and we're delivering it. Welcome to Warner Safari, and we look forward to your continued support as we begin the next stage in our journey.