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With The Golfing Gator Performance Polo, we delivered a polo with the golfing gator logo that originated from and currently used by Gator Junior Golf, a nonprofit in Gainesville, Florida where the Warner Safari brand began its journey. Gator Junior Golf is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that teaches youth life skills through the game of golf. The initial purpose of this polo was for University of Florida student coaches and kids to wear at golf class. Word quickly got around about how comfortable the polo was and how cool the logo looked- particularly how much better the logo looks than its counterparts.


We decided to begin selling the polo to families and locals in Alachua County, Florida as a fundraiser for children's golf class scholarships for families in need. When our coaches would wear our shirts while attending Florida Gator football and baseball games as a way to show their support for Gator Junior Golf, and they got a lot of complements from fellow fans. Our initial success led us to build out the Golfing Gators website- our first e-commerce site to sell the polos. We quickly outgrew the brand name and discovered we could grow beyond selling golf designs to the Florida crowd. We rebranded the platform to Warner Safari where our new journey began of delivering wild but refined print designs. We can't wait to see the continued support from the community, while simultaneously supporting Gator Junior Golf's charitable work with every sale we make.


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